How much will hypnotherapy cost?

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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Pricing






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In Person or Online

Sessions work equally well in person and online. The structure of the process is exactly the same and preference will depend upon personal requirements. As an online Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, most of my sessions are not in person, but where my clients are from South London, we can arrange a quiet room for the sessions to take place.


Additional Information

  • Clients commit to the same time each week for our session
  • You can pay by bank transfer or cash
  • Fees are payable in advance and they are fully refundable if you cancel no less then 24 hours before your session
  • I am a qualified, accredited clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist
  • I am fully insured and have an enhanced DBS check to work with vulnerable adults and children
  • I do not claim to cure and I cannot diagnose mental health conditions
  • In common with all therapies, results may vary and cannot be guaranteed
  • Always consult your doctor before starting any complementary therapy
  • The information contained on this website does not substitute for the advice of your healthcare provider






Guide To Setting Yourself Up Online

Online sessions are safe and effective. They can be more comfortable for you in many ways, save travel time, and reduce face-to-face contact.

Please note online sessions require Zoom and wifi access.

Before the session   

Make sure the device you use is charged up for the session. For the best experience headphones are recommended.

Space and privacy 

Find yourself somewhere comfortable and private to sit, maybe with something you can rest your head back for the trance part of the session. I recommend that you only use a private computer and not a phone, work or public computer to ensure your privacy. Turn your phone to silent, and turn off any assistants on your phone (e.g. Siri) or in your room (Alexa etc.).

Logging on to the meeting 

I use Zoom, a video conferencing platform that encrypts conversations to ensure your privacy.  When we book your session, you will receive the link for the session in an email. There's a helpful video here on how to join a zoom meeting. Do check your settings before the session, and please ask me for help if you need it.

During the session   

I'll take a phone number for you in case of emergency, and a number I can ring you on if the internet drops out. If we totally lose the internet (which very rarely happens) we will rebook for as soon as possible with no extra cost to you.

Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist session room in Brixton


Under 18s

Young people must be accompanied on screen by an adult at all times - that means the adult must be somewhere on screen while the session is happening.

International clients

I am based in the UK and am therefore governed by UK jurisdiction. You will need to confirm you understand and agree to this.








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